Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Holy Shit, An Off Week!

I hope you'll forgive me for taking a week off, but I've been dealing with this:
Black Mold in my goddamn wall
Which smells like SHIT.
 Which led to this:
Black mold in my FUCKING bathroom
The bags plug up a shit hole. Literally. Toilet is in the family room. Home ownership, right?
And also (eventually) this:
No more mold but Jesus Christ.
No more mold but...you know...there used to be a floor here. And a laundry room.
But that's not even the best part. Wanna know the kicker? All of this miserable impromptu renovation can be traced back to a single, tiny spot. This asshole:
A pin prick on a half-inch segment of copper tube.
That's why I'm not researching anything this week. Because apparently, that little thirty-pixel dot (and yes, I checked) is all it takes to ruin your week. Or more.

Holy shit.

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