Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Holy Shit, The Girl in the Closet!


Once upon a time in 2008, a Japanese man was troubled. I'm sure he wasn't the only one, but his reason for being troubled was somewhat unique. See, he had gone grocery shopping not long ago, and suddenly he found he was missing food that he knew he should have had. Feeling dumbfounded and a little bit peckish, he decided to set up security cameras to find out how presumably wild animals were getting into his home.
"Why you gotta make a thing of this?"

Now, I want you to imagine this is you. You know food is going missing, so you set up security cameras. You leave the house, locking all the doors and windows behind you. When you come back, you decide to check the footage, just in case. Nothing happens. Nothing continues to happen. Then, out of nowhere, a woman shows up in the kitchen on screen and starts rummaging through the fridge. She takes out some food then goes back to wherever she's hiding.

And it occurs to you after seeing the video that she's there right now.
Scared pup
This would be roughly my face

Being reasonable and terrified, the concerned homeowner immediately called the police, who came right away and searched the house. After an extensive search, they found the woman buried deep in a closet with some food and a small mattress. She was immediately arrested and removed. When questioned, she said she just didn't have anywhere else to go.

It's sad, I know, and you want to feel bad for the homeless woman, but put yourself in the man's position here. Your food goes missing, and when you take steps to find out why it turns out there's a homeless person in your house right now without your knowledge.

One more thing. Before her discovery, the woman had been living secretly in the closet for over two months.

Holy shit. Have fun sleeping tonight.

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