Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Holy Shit, Bioluminescence

Am I crazy, or is it ridiculous that we take things like bioluminescence for granted? That is to say, "Holy shit, living things create light."

Take fireflies, for example. Just look at this picture:
I don't see your ass glowing
Dozens of insects are flying around a forest there, looking for a mate based on which one glows in the dark the best. Just read that sentence a few times to yourself, and keep looking at the damn picture. It frustrates me that everyone in the world doesn't freak the hell out and shout gleefully about the fact that these insects exist, and they're not especially rare.

They're not even alone. They're one of many species that can produce cold light because of a chemical reaction that occurs in their bodies. Since this topic leaves me completely awed and dumbfounded, let me just spend the rest of my time sharing some ridiculous living light with you:
This is glowing fungus, and you're awake and reading this true fact.
I don't want to alarm you, but this is a deep sea fish with a natural goddamn flashlight attached to his face.
That's a wave. Some algae is making it glow. In real life.
So can we all please agree that bioluminescence is eerie, beautiful, and weird as hell? Because look at those pictures.

Holy shit.

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